How do I Get Approval from ShareASale Affiliate Platform

What is ShareASale Affiliate?

ShareASale Affiliate is an Affiliate Network. To make money with it, you have to register with it first. Once you do, you have to find a product to promote and once you choose, you will get an affiliate link to promote and if you manage to make someone buy the product then you will receive a commission.

what is the process of account opening on ShareASale Affiliate?

  1. Go to and click on Affiliate Sign Up.
  2. Fill out the application, which takes about 5-7 minutes.
  3. Add a profile picture, a description of your blog and its content, and your marketing strategies.
  4. Apply for the merchant you want to promote.

What is the reason for the decline and how to get approval

The biggest reason for being declined by ShareASale is not to have a running website. You should have a website or a blog to get approval from ShareASale. But if you don't have a website. You can use your Social media profile's URL as a website URL. But you must have at least 10k followers on your social media.

Shareasale First Considerations:

*Do they have a live/active site?
*Does the site have working links?
*Do they have a clean site void of any subject matter you may disprove?
*Do they fit the criteria of your program agreement?  


*You'll need to post content daily on your website.
*All the links must be indexed on Google.
*Your website running for at least 3 months

Before applying ShareASale you write promotion methods and plan. 

The website is complete and contains valuable information

What constitutes complete and valuable?

1. Content is clear so that customers know what the website is trying to convey
2. The website has a set topic and sticks to it
3. Website is organized and user-friendly

The website is relevant to the Merchant you are applying to


If you are applying to a baseball Merchant, you want your website to be related to baseball or sports. If you have more than one website, you can add additional websites inside your account under “Account”. Click on “Edit Settings” and find “Additional websites you control”.

Provide the Merchant your general marketing plan in the space provided


I own and operate a network of content blogs and I plan on advertising your cutting board products on my food blog.

How do I Get Approval from the ShareASale Affiliate Platform:

After choosing a niche and successfully running your website. 

Follow step by step:

Step 1:

Click the Signup URL: >>> SignUP <<<

Step 2:

Enter your name.
Choose your password.
Select your country.

ShareASale Affiliate

Step 3:

Enter your website URL ( Note. If you do not enter the website URL or enter other website URL or enter adult website, you may get rejected)
Select your promotional Strategy.

ShareASale Affiliate

Step 4:

Enter your New email address (fresh email).
ShareASale Affiliate

Step 5:

Enter your valid name and address.
Write your promotion methods and plan ( I wrote an example below image).
If you own a domain, choose "yes ownership" >> High chance for approval if you have your own domain.

ShareASale Affiliate

Step 6:

Finally complete the signup (Note: You must verify your email address)

Step 7:

ShareASale will review your application, blog, and promotional methods. Approval times can vary, so be patient. They may also reach out for clarification or additional information if needed.

ShareASale If you get a rejected email, don't worry build your website or blog and try again. Don't give up.

Rejection Reson:

* Low-value content.
* Duplicate URL.
* Invalid link.
* If post adult, 18+ content.
* new website.
* Promotional methods are not happy with ShareASale.
* URL not indexed in Google.
* The website is currently not active.

If you want to website for ShareASale Please Contact

More About ShareASale Affiliate: 

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