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With the extra benefits of data encryption, security, and privacy, Telegram is a chat messaging service that is quite similar to WhatsApp. The corporation does not have access to any users' contact or personal information if a new contact subscribes to a business channel, per a policy implemented by Telegram. While doing so, users of Telegram can use the discover section to look up company names and subscribe to them. Customers can contact businesses if they like, but firms are unable to do so without their consent under this arrangement. We must become familiar with Telegram's "Peer Types" if we want to comprehend the business use cases for the messaging app. In Telegram, "peers" are the "entities" with whom users may communicate. 

There are four different peer types in Telegram's most recent version:

1. Telegram profile 

2. Telegram group 

3. Telegram channel 

4. Telegram bot

1. Telegram profile :

An individual account known as a user profile is typically associated with the user's phone number. Such a peer type is employed for private messaging but occasionally serves as a channel or group administrator.

2. Telegram group :

Users and bots who talk together in a Telegram group are referred to as its members. A Telegram group may have up to 200,000 users, and each user is permitted to post messages to the group. The group administrator has additional rights and designates ownership to group members to permit postings pertaining to videos and photographs. 

3. Telegram channel :

A Telegram channel is a subset of a Telegram group; it is a unique group that can have an infinite number of subscribers, but only admins and bots are permitted to publish messages in a channel; everyone else is prohibited from doing so.

4. Telegram bot :

In contrast to regular users, Telegram bots are computer programs that may do a variety of tasks for businesses or brands, like providing information, setting reminders, playing music, taking orders, and more. A message can be posted by a bot in a channel or group. Regular users can follow any Telegram bot they want to be updated on. Out of all four peer types, the Telegram bot has the most capabilities that are extremely helpful for businesses has the most capabilities that are extremely helpful for businesses. To build bots for social interactions, productivity, gaming, and e-commerce businesses on the network, Telegram offers an API. In addition to this, Telegram bots may deliver customer service or gather leads by linking them to a customer relationship management (CRM) system, ticketing system, or messaging platform.

    5 Benefits of Telegram Bots for Business :

    Bots are becoming more common to operate in a Telegram environment as new business use cases for bot usage emerge daily. A special thanks also goes out to the Telegram APIs, which make it simple to create a Telegram bot and advertise it to attract new users for your business communications. Let's look at some of the factors that make Telegram bots so beneficial for businesses: 

    1. Platform for free 
    2. Improved Engagement 
    3. Secure 
    4. Availability 
    5. Transactions 

    1.Platform for free :

    No matter how many messages you send or whether you use Telegram for business or personal purposes, it's always free. Due to the fact that Telegram is free for both users and businesses, it enables businesses to effectively attract new clients. So much so that the creation of Telegram bots is also free. By delivering newsletters, offering customer assistance, or connecting with them, businesses may utilize this free platform to grow their client base. 

    2.Improved Engagement :

    Because Telegram users can send audio, video, and image messages to businesses, it presents a fantastic opportunity to keep your customer base engaged. Businesses may design their marketing strategy to engage customers in a variety of ways. In addition to marketing, some businesses need to offer 24/7 customer service, so they may construct a customer care staff or a chatbot for Telegram to answer consumer inquiries practically immediately. Additionally, it enables us to improve customer engagement.

    3.Secure :

    Telegram is regarded as relatively safe, in large part because messa messages are transferred across the platform in encrypted form, especially in light of recent developments about hacking instances on every social media site. This makes using it for commercial reasons a sensible idea because it will protect both your data and that of your clients. It would provide a safer and better environment for you and your costumes to communicate about goods and services.

    4.Availability :

    With desktop programs for Mac, Linux, and Windows, the Telegram communicator is available on all popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Additionally, it has a web version that enables you to target your prospects on a huge scale. Furthermore, you don't need to be concerned that your clients won't be able to use this messenger. You may provide your consumers with information quickly and easily using a Telegram bot, which they can access from any location at any time. Easy accessibility enhances the likelihood of finding potential customers and boosts conversion rates.

    5.Transactions :

    One of the first chat messengers to provide banking integration is Telegram. Users will be able to conduct financial transactions with other customers or companies on the site thanks to this. This platform's capabilities expand the use cases available to enterprises. Currently, Brazil and Russia both have access to this functionality. But we anticipate that it will also be made available in other nations very shortly. So a Telegram bot could enable a client to make a payment or transfer money without leaving the app.

    Top 20 best Telegram bots :

    1. You can link your Telegram account to other apps and services by utilizing the @IFTTT bot.

    2. With the aid of the bot @getpubliclinkbot, you may obtain a public download link for any file you upload to Telegram.

    3. You may look for and send GIFs in your chats with the @gif bot.

    4. You may search for and view YouTube videos using the @youtube bot within Telegram.

    5. @music is a Telegram bot that aids in music discovery and listening.

    6. You may search for and send stickers using the @sticker bot in your chats.

    7. You can generate polls in your chats with the bot @pollbot.

    8. You may build chatbots for your Telegram channel or group using the @chatfuelbot bot.

    9. @translatorbot You can translate text into many languages using this bot.

    10. The @weatherman_bot bot gives you the most recent weather reports for any place.

    11. @PDF_bot - You can compress and convert documents to PDF format using this bot.

    12. You may get information about films and TV shows, including ratings and reviews, from the bot @imdb.

    13. @photojunkiebot - Using a variety of editing tools, this bot assists you in enhancing the quality of your images.

    14. You can send audio messages in your chats and convert text to speech with the @voicybot bot.

    15. You can design and participate in quizzes with your friends via Telegram using the bot @quizbot.

    16. @gamee - You may play a variety of entertaining games in Telegram thanks to this bot.

    17. @tempmail_bot - This programmer creates temporary email accounts that you can use to sign up for online services and other things.

    18. You can establish reminders for yourself or other people in your chats with the @remindmebot bot.

    19. You may get the most recent news and updates from Bing News with the bot @bingnewsbot.

    20. With the help of the @themerobot bot, you may change the background and theme of your Telegram interface.

    How can companies use Telegram bots? 

    A Telegram bot may assist with lead generation, customer service, newsletter delivery to past clients, portfolio display, campaign management, and some interaction automation. 

    • Travel and Hospitality 
    • E-commerce 
    • Healthcare

    The Final Verdict 

    Not only can Telegram be used to contact, target, and stay in touch with prospects, but it is also a potent tool for automating customer support services and streamlining various procedures to reduce human labor. Visit BotPenguin to obtain a chatbot for your company right now if you're interested in building a Telegram bot for it.

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